How to Prepare Your Garage for Your Electric Vehicle

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How to Prepare Your Garage for Your Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle, or EV for short, is a type of vehicle that is powered by electricity stored in a battery, rather than traditional fuels like gasoline or diesel. EVs are unique because they use electric motors to drive the wheels and have a rechargeable battery pack that stores energy from an external power source, usually an electric charging station. Over the last few years, electric vehicles have become more popular in Canada as people are now seeking more sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation. In Calgary alone, the city has installed 14 new charging stations for Calgarians to charge up their vehicles. However, if you do not live near one of these charging ports you can always install one inside your garage!

How Can I Prepare My Garage for My EV?

  • Install An Electric Vehicle Charging Station: You will need a dedicated charging station to charge your electric vehicle. Depending on what level of EV charger you are putting in the Alliance Renovations Garage Builder team will supply you with the correct amperage in a 240- volt plug. The benefits of 240-volt outlets are they provide faster charging times when compared to standard 120-volt outlets.
  • Check Your Electrical Panel: Make sure your electrical panel can handle the additional load required for an electric vehicle charger. You may need to upgrade the electrical panel in your house before adding the extra load of a charger in your garage. In case you are uncertain about whether your electrical panel can handle the extra load, talk to one of Alliance Renovations estimators. Our team has over 35 years of experience in Garage construction and basement development and will be happy to address any specific questions you have about how to install and charge your EV at home.
  • Consider Installing a Surge Protector: Installing a surge protector can prevent high levels of voltage from damaging your charging station and electric vehicle. In Calgary, we often get lighting and thunderstorms in the spring and summer months. Plugging in your EV during these storms can cause damage to your garage if a surge protector isn’t installed.
  • Ensure Proper Ventilation: Electric vehicle chargers generate heat, so make sure your garage is well-ventilated to prevent overheating. When combined with our sweltering Calgary summers, this heat can get overwhelming. Talk to one of our Alliance Renovation team members about what option is right for your property. In most cases, the required roof vents provide enough ventilation.
  • Clear Space For Your Electric Vehicle: Make sure you have enough space in your garage to park your electric vehicle near the charging station, if your EV is taller than your current vehicle, make sure there is enough clearance from the garage door. If you are just building your garage Alliance Renovations has a wide range of insulated garage door sizes.
  • Hire a Professional: Installing a charging station isn’t a DIY project. It can be very dangerous as you have to work around high voltages. It's always best to hire a licensed garage builder like Alliance Renovations to set up your EV charger, this ensures it is installed safely and is up to code.

Is an Electric Vehicle Worth it?

Yes! EVs are incredibly efficient, meaning you can travel farther on a single charge than you would with a tank of gas. Plus, they're better for the environment since they produce zero emissions, which means cleaner air for everyone to breathe. Did you know that EVs require less maintenance than traditional vehicles? That and charging your electric vehicle at home is often cheaper than filling up at the gas station, which means fewer trips to the mechanic, no more waiting behind the gas pump and more money in your pocket! Top of FormBottom of Form

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Electric Car Charger in My Calgary Garage?

The cost to install an electric car charger in your Calgary garage can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of charging station you choose, the electrical work required, and if your house panel needs an upgrade.

On average, a 240-volt plug, can cost $250 and $1225. However, this cost can increase if your electrical panel needs to be upgraded if your garage requires additional wiring or modifications to accommodate the charging station, and what level of car charger you desire.

For a more accurate estimate, contact the garage builder professionals at Alliance Renovations. We provide free site visits and quotes which can help provide an accurate and detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

How Will Alliance Renovations Install My Car Charger in My Garage?

Alliance Renovations will work with you to determine what EV charging setup is best for you. We will then determine other details of the installation process. This includes where the charger will be installed and whether you need to make any modifications to your current setup (surge protector, electric panel etc.). The setup process only takes approximately 1-2 days to install. Once everything has been set up, our garage development team will conduct a few tests to ensure everything works properly and is up to code with a City of Calgary Electrical Inspection. After that step, you can start charging away and enjoy the numerous benefits of charging your EV in the convenience of your own home!

Installing a charging port in your garage not only provides convenience, cost savings and environmental benefits, but it also increases your home’s value! If you are interested in a custom garage build or if you have any questions about charging your electric vehicle at home, talk to one of our professional garage builders at Alliance Renovations. Call us at (403) 228-2000 or contact us online for a free quote on your next garage renovation project!