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If you’re like most people, you’re not paying enough attention to your garage. Like most, your garage may be a mess of holiday decorations, tools and other mystery boxes. With things like these all over the place, you may find that it is not safe to park your car–or even walk around.

Fortunately, there is a solution. A custom-built garage by Alliance Renovations is the perfect answer to having a clutter-free and safe place to store your tools and your car–especially during our cold winters. Also, it increases the real estate value and appeal of your home.


Canadian Forces Promotion

The CF Appreciation Program was created to offer a variety of discounts to Canadian military personnel. Are you a Veteran, or are you serving the military? Then you will receive a 5% discount on all Calgary Garage and Basement Builder packages.

Financing Options

No payments for 6 months and No interest for 6 months (oac). Please call (403) 228-2000 or use our contact page by clicking here to learn more about our financing options.

Carriage Suites

A carriage suite or backyard suite is a separate living unit on a property. Other names for this type of unit include garage suite and garden suite. Having a carriage suite on your property offers you the following benefits:

Extra Income

Renting out a carriage suite can help you pay your bills. The money you receive can be used to pay off your mortgage. That rental income can also be used to bring in additional money if you invest it wisely. If you put that money in the bank, you can increase your retirement savings.

A Place Where You Can Downsize

You can move into your carriage suite or backyard suite when you feel you are at the age where you need to downsize. If the work involved with maintaining the house you live in becomes overwhelming, you can continue to live on your property in the carriage suite. You can continue to enjoy the same familiar surroundings you’re used to seeing.

You Can Feel Good About Offering Affordable Living Quarters

Some people can’t afford to buy a house. When you build a carriage suite on your property and offer to rent it out, you make affordable housing available. You also contribute to a more compact community.

Your Family Can Live Together

Having a carriage suite on your property means you can keep your ageing parents close by and take care of them. If you have young adult children, you can have them move into the suite. When you have family members living in the privacy of a home that’s a few feet away from yours, it can be the ideal living arrangement.

Though building a carriage suite or backyard suite on your property can be a huge undertaking, it is usually rewarding. The process will be costly, and there may be rules and regulations you’ll have to obey. Since these rules are not the same everywhere, you will have to find out what they are for the area you live in. Know that you will be required to follow the rules provided for accessory dwelling units (ADUs).


Building a detached garage will not only provide that necessary space to protect your car; it will definitely add substantial value to your property. 

Alliance Renovations are your one-stop Calgary garage builders. We strive for perfection. We will provide whatever your garage requirements may be, from the solid concrete foundation/pad to supplying top-quality products to build your garage.

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Most homeowners that we have spoken with thought that hiring garage builders is too expensive. It surprised them when we gave them their quote for their custom garage.

In fact, for a reasonable price, you can have a garage that is personalized to fit your needs. Alliance Renovations is your one-stop building expert.

Our Calgary garage builders & renovator’s team work to provide everything from a solid concrete foundation and pad to supplying top-quality products for your new garage. We offer complete custom packages.

We’ll plan and construct your garage to fit your specific storage space needs and lifestyle. Our skilled team works with you every step of the way to achieve the visuals as you see them, so the result is what you want.

Excellent work for a reasonable price–that’s our promise to you. Let our Calgarian garage renovators build the project that’s right for you.

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We can help you with estimates and consultations to ensure that you know what to expect once the project starts. We will help you keep your project within your budget.