Types of Insulation to Consider for Basement Renovations

by | Last updated Nov 6, 2019 | Published on Jun 14, 2019 | Basement

At some point during basement renovations, a homeowner needs to think about the insulation they are going to use. The effectiveness of the insulation determines its ability to provide a complete layer of protection when installed in the basement’s framing.  

Types of Basement Insulation

Today, there are two main types of insulation used for Basement Renovations. The first is traditional fibreglass insulation, and the other is spray foam insulation.


Fibreglass insulation is composed of sheets of woven glass strands. These strands come in an array of thicknesses and widths. This type of insulation is installed using a layer of plastic sheeting on the outer walls of the basement or where a barrier is needed to help protect against vapour or moisture.


With spray foam, just as the name implies, it is sprayed over. It’s a plastic product that provides a barrier for insulation, sealing the cracks and gaps and protecting against moisture and vapour.

Basement remodelling uses both types of insulation. However, spray foam is becoming more popular due to the many advantages it offers.

Benefits Offered by Spray Foam Insulation

With spray foam insulation, every space is filled in, and it creates an airtight seal. It helps to minimize the presence of cold spots or drafts in the basement. It also helps to reduce the likelihood of moisture and air inflation, along with the possibility of mould.

In some situations, spray foam insulation can help to reduce energy costs in the basement. This type of insulation makes a valuable investment.

Understanding Fiberglass Insulation

The use of fibreglass insulation presents some problems. It’s hazardous to handle while being installed. It’s also hard to get the right fit. If the fixed padding does not fit perfectly the preferred spot, there are going to be gaps. It can lead to issues as most holes are going to get bigger as time passes. It is going to increase the likelihood of heat loss.

Also, air leaks may result in higher energy costs. Another issue is that the drywall screws would create holes. It presents another way for moisture and air to get into the basement. If this problem persists, it could result in mould.

Additional Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

The most significant benefit offered by spray foam insulation is it’s air sealing quality. It can help reduce the total allergens, including pollen and dust, and can reduce the presence of harmful pollutants from getting into the basement. On the other hand, more traditional types of insulation may be dusty, and since they don’t create the air seal, they may allow allergens to get inside.

Most spray foam insulation products are considered environmentally friendly, and they don’t contain any harmful ingredients. The majority of fibreglass products also include formaldehyde, which may leak fumes that impact the air quality in the basement.

After being installed, the spray foam insulation doesn’t attract pests that are looking for a place to nest or a source of food. On the other hand, all types of rodents may damage the fibreglass, along with all the similar types of insulation as time passes.

Insulation for New Construction Projects

Especially in new construction projects, the use of spray foam insulation is going to last for the structure’s entire lifetime. With fibreglass insulation, it is going to settle as time passes, which is going to affect the way it performs in the protection of the basement.

When it is time to consider the development of a home’s lower level, a homeowner can feel confident that spray insulation will provide the protection needed. As a result, this makes the best option.

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