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Does your storage feel and look more like a dark and unused area of your house than a stylish space to hang out in? Most probably yes, just like it is for most homeowners. The basement is usually a storage space for all the unwanted stuff you have, such as old furniture or boxes full of who knows what.

But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this way? What if your basement can be an inviting area where you and your family can spend time in rather than square footage that goes to waste?

Renovating your basement doesn’t only add to the overall value of your home, it can also add so much fun into your life. Here are 7 renovating tips every homeowner should know when remodelling their basement.

Repurpose the room

Who says that you can’t convert your basement into an inviting living space?

First things first, you need to decide what purpose you want to give to this area of your house. Will you create more organized storage space in it? Or are you planning to build an extra room that is more like a living space?

There are several ideas of what you can do with this extra space you have underneath your home from setting up a home theatre to creating an office space, a children’s game room or an artist’s workshop place. So, before you start planning how to remodel your basement, have a clear idea of what you want it to be at the end.

Best Homes Renovation Ideas

Start by drying it up

So, you have decided what your basement’s new purpose will be like. Now, it is time to renovate the space and refresh it with a completely new look. First, you need to start by assessing the current condition of the room to determine what types of renovations it needs. And, one of the most important first steps is to eliminate any signs of moisture.

It is common knowledge that basements are usually humid and there can be moisture due to the lack of enough natural light, heat, and because this area of the house is typically prone to floods. So, you need to determine whether, during winter or heavy rains, the water has infiltrated in the walls.

Checking your basement for signs of moisture is extremely important to remove any risk of mould on your walls and to make sure that your house foundation hasn’t been affected by the water.


Inspect plumbing and wiring installations

Next, before repainting the walls of your basement, you may want to spend some time inspecting the plumbing and wiring systems in your basement. Moreover, if you are planning to transform the basement into a living space, you may also want to consider adding a separate bathroom. So, first, make sure that the plumbing system looks in good shape and that there are no cracks that may lead to leaks once winter arrives. Secondly, if you are considering to create that separate bathroom, you need to expand the plumbing installation to the area where the bathroom will be. Next, make sure that the wiring installation presents no signs of damage that can lead to a short-circuit or could cause the electrical system not to work correctly or at all in the room.


Insulate your basement

Now that you have a clear idea of what you want your basement to look like and you have checked all the things that might need reparations, it is time that you start to renovate the area. The next step is to make sure that your basement will be a sealed room from anything from the outdoor, including cold or water. Especially if you are planning to create a living space in the bathroom, remember that you can’t allow heat loss to happen during the cold months. So, you need to check for all uninsulated rim joists and seal them. You can use rigid insulation cut to fit the rim joists and fill the small gaps with caulk and the larger ones with expanding spray foam. But, most importantly, don’t forget to insulate your basement’s exterior walls as well to prevent condensation, especially if you live in an area with a cold climate. Also, another area of the basement that may lead to heat loss is unsealed windows if you have any. So, make sure the windows are also well sealed.

Tips for Renovating Your Home

Create a storage space

No matter if you have decided to keep your basement’s purpose of being storage space or you want to convert it into an extra room, there is always a need for storage space. And, if you don’t want your basement to look like an abandoned storage area filled with boxes and other pieces of furniture or stuff, you may want to get it organized.

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to create storage, you can use pallets to build shelves and place them on the walls of your basement. This way, you can organize all the stuff you have in your basement nicely without them taking up too much space or making the room look messy.

Add good lighting

Basements are usually not so well lighted by the natural sunlight because there is either no windows in the room or the windows are too small to allow natural light to come inside. So, you need to consider good lighting options that will make your basement luminous, and it will also make the room look more spacious.

Spotlights are usually the most popular type of lighting for basements because they take less space and are also very cost-effective. However, make sure to install several spotlights to produce enough light in the darkest room of your home.

Repaint the walls and start decorating

Now that everything is fixed in your basement, it is time to invest some time in repainting the walls for a fresher look and start decorating the area depending on what you want it to be. It is advisable to choose lighter shades of colours such as white, beige, or nudes for the walls because since basements usually lack natural light, they tend to look and feel smaller. So, a brighter colour will create a sense of spaciousness and will allow you to decorate the room with any fixture you want.

Your basement’s renovation plans can be enjoyable if you allow your creativity to inspire you. However, whether you want to convert the room into a living space or to use it for storage, it is essential to take things step by step to ensure a successful renovation that will lead to the best results.

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