Garages: They’re More Than Just a Place For Your Car

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Garage Developments

We tend to think of garages as these cold, lonely rooms meant to keep our cars out of unfavorable weather. But, have you ever stopped to think about the potential space and versatility a garage could offer your home? Garages are not just for car storage – they can be a highly usable space for a plethora of homerooms.

With careful planning and creativity from us here at Alliance Renovations, we can help you transform your garage into a practical, well-designed and organized space, including:

  • Storage: If your home is in desperate need of extra storage, garages present a perfect area for sound waterproof year-round storing. By using the walls, ceiling space, and excess ground space, you can have a storage unit installed in your garage for accessible storage.
  • Gym: If you’ve been telling yourself for years that you’re finally going to get that at-home gym, garages are a perfect place to set up shop. If you’re going to be installing fitness equipment in your garage, make sure you seek professional support for having heating and air conditioning put in so your gym environment is temperature regulated.
  • Game Room: What guy doesn’t dream of his own man cave? A garage is a perfect game room option, able to accommodate pool tables, arcade tables, furniture, and more. If you’re into entertaining guests, this is also a great idea for spillover space.
  • Kitchens: Some families need more than just 1 kitchen to keep the entire family happy and fed. Garages are great environments for second refrigerators and counter space for feeding and entertaining.

If you’ve been considering a home addition to add on more space, an entertainment/gym room, or another dining location, then consider revamping your already-available garage with us today.

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