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Calgary Garage Builders Are Not Scared of a Little Snow!

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Garage Developments

Snow everywhere inside the carThere are many reasons to dislike winter: slick roads, frostbitten extremities, flu shots, itchy wool clothing, and my personal favourite: cars that could double as morgue freezers.

We could probably deal with most of what winter has to throw our way if we did not start the day jamming frostbitten fingers while attempting to scrape away the snow and ice that seem to have fused to the windshield overnight. Once the car is clear of its blinding frostiness we get the joy of sitting on a cold hardened lump of steel and polyester praying the battery will come to life. Once seated we shiver and wait for the air to recirculate, until the interior temperature of the car can once again support water in a liquid state.

Those with enough foresight to call a Calgary garage builder before the first snowfall have avoided this charming ritual, but if you wish to avoid the misery as well is still possible to build a garage in the winter. It is true that Calgary climates make building in winter slightly more challenging; most general contractors know how to work around the weather.

Man Scraping Snow from CarThe biggest concern in the winter is pouring the foundation, and it is best to do that before temperatures drop below freezing. Calgary Garage builders know how to protect a poured floor from frost but it is best to pour it early when possible.

Weather in Calgary can be quite unpredictable so it is important to have an agreement with your general contractor regarding the costs of keeping your site clear. Agree in advance who is responsible for snow plowing, shovelling, and sanding access to the site while your garage is under construction. A fair rate per hour or per snowfall will help avoid anyone from feeling cheated.

Building a garage in winter months has its advantages, the biggest being the attentive service from contractors. Calgary Garage builders tend to have fewer projects in the colder months so their general contractors and subcontractors have fewer clients demanding their attention. It will be much easier for your contractors to focus on building exactly what you want when they have fewer projects competing for their time.Multiple Cars Covered in Snow

That being said it is important to be informed of the disadvantages of building in colder months. Crews and equipment may have a higher cost when being sent to work in the cold. If you were not able to build the foundation before the ground froze the cost of ground heaters and blankets, as well cold weather concrete mixes should be taken in to account. The garage may also take longer to build; crews work slower when bundled up for the cold, winter days offer less daylight, and weather-related delays cannot be avoided. If you book your Garage Build with Alliance Renovations, we take care of the Extra Heat Additives in the Concrete!

Car Covered in SnowNevertheless temperatures dipping do not mean you are doomed to drive in an icebox for the rest of the city’s snow season. One of Alliance Renovation’s Garage builders can inform you about the challenges specific to your building site, and start setting things up so you can spend your mornings with a coffee, not a window scraper.

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