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Getting Your Calgary Home Renovation Ready- Everything You Need To Know

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Renovations

Whether you’re looking to boost your property value or you were inspired by HGTV, home renovation is exciting—and terrifying. Permits, inspections, contractors, oh my!

Step 1: Visualize.

Bulb Placed on ChartThis is one of the most exciting portions of a home renovation. It is the time where you get to start putting your ideas on the drawing board and make your dreams into a reality.

As with any major project, you need to begin with the end in mind– while still allowing for flexibility based on budget restrictions and availability. However, if you have a solid vision for the end product of your renovation in mind, you can avoid potentially budget-busting projects and end up with a coherent theme.

While the visualization portion of a project is something many begin on their own, having the input of a professional at this phase can be really helpful (as it allows you to know when your dreams are not possible because of the structural, budget or zoning restrictions).

Step 2: Homework.

Man working on LaptopBefore you do any building, you have to look into what’s actually legally allowed on your property. Hiring a professional contractor will save you the headache of digging through miles of bureaucracy. Alliance, for example, is certified by several governing bodies, including the Calgary Region of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. They will help you through all of this. As they say, m­easure twice, cut once. Or even better— measure twice, then hire someone else to measure a third time and cut for you.

However, if your DIY spirit is strong, you need to look into several things. First, you need to determine if your project will affect the structure or layout of the building or if it’s all cosmetic (non-structural) upgrades. If you plan on renting, you will need to know the extra rules for creating a secondary or revenue suite in your home. In addition, exterior elements require following separate guidelines. You may have restrictive covenants, or clauses that limit what can and cannot be done, in your land title. This is the most confusing part of the process, but the Calgary Permit Office is actually pretty helpful in these circumstances.

Step 3: Paperwork.

Signing a Paper with PenDepending on the size of your project, you will need to do some paperwork. Alliance will arrange all of this for you, but you can also do it on your own if you’re feeling especially daring.

You may need both a development permit and a building permit in addition to the myriad of trade permits—electrical, plumbing, gas, gas fireplace installation, and mechanical (HVAC). The good news is that many of the forms that you can pick up at the City of Calgary Permit Office, you can actually download online. Check out Calgary’s Home Improvement Hub for helpful resources for your specific project. After that, check out the Building and Development Forms page.

If you’ve already done some remodeling before filling out any forms or requesting any paperwork, it’s ok! You can get it all done afterwards, but it will be more difficult. If your framing or electrical work is already behind drywall, for instance, you will be required to remove the drywall for inspection.

Step 4: Construction.

Tiles Design Sample BookHere’s the fun part! After you fill out all the forms, you may finally get down to business and start seeing tangible results of your home renovation project. Remember to keep your vision in mind and focus on the outcome. Consulting with professionals can be helpful, but it’s definitely possible to do this one yourself. If you do, read up on making it pass inspections! Most likely, you’ll need professionals for parts, if not all, of your project.


Step 5: Inspections.

Much of the headache of home renovation projects comes with inspections. From getting timely appointments to making sure everything is up to code, working with professionals helps immensely. Alliance guarantees meeting timely deadlines and high quality workmanship. Check out some of our Calgary Home Renovation Work and Basement Renovation Work.

But if you are ready to take this step on your own, you will need to get each individual component of your remodel inspected. Requesting an inspection is easy. Just fill out Calgary’s helpful request form.

Many times inspections bring up minor issues that need to be tweaked, but after this stage, you’re in the clear!

If you have any more questions, contact Alliance Renovations for a free consultation at (403) 228-2000 or on our contact us form.

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