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3 Indicators it’s Time To Consider a Basement Renovation

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Renovations

Like any home renovation, it’s important to sit down and consider the time restraints and costs that go into a home project. If you’re unsure of taking on a basement renovation, we’re here to go over 3 big indicators it’s time for you to consider finishing your basement this year.

  1. Basement Deterioration

Basements are the foundations of our homes. They endure a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. What was once a formidable, sound platform can start to deteriorate over time. If for any reason your basement no longer has the use it once had, it’s time you consider giving it a facelift. For example, if flooding has permanently damaged the walls, or you’re afraid to go down there due to mold, it’s time for that basement renovation.

  1. Space is Limited

Attics are usually a go-to for storing unused items after moving into a house. However, an attic is only so big. Especially if you’re family has increased in size in the last few years, attics and closets probably aren’t cutting it anymore. If you’re finding yourself throwing out things you want to keep because of a space problem, it’s time you turn your basement into an easy-to-access storage unit.

  1. Family Planning

If you and your spouse are considering starting a family soon, you’re going to need more space. Even if you think your starter home is able to accommodate one or two children for a few years, it’s still worth your time to call in a professional and get a basement renovation quote. Once you start a family, accessible space becomes incomparably valuable.

Here at Alliance Renovations, we’re able to assess your basement layout and provide you with affordable rates for any type of basement-related project here in Calgary.

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