Choosing the Right Basement Floorplan

by | Last updated Nov 6, 2019 | Published on Aug 21, 2019 | Basement

An unfinished basement holds a ton of potential. Choosing the right floorplan to finish it is essential, but not always easy to do. All of the details need to be considered, including how the floorplan should look right now and how it may look in the future. It ensures the basement’s transformation into a useful space that adds to the home.

Location of Large Appliances

Large appliances and other details in the basement, such as windows or structural pillars, need to be considered when creating the floorplan. Think about where water hookups are, for instance, if the laundry room will be in the basement. If there is no specific room for the laundry in the basement but is already in the plans; then it’ll be crucial to think about where a good location would be before deciding on the layout for more flexible spaces like an entertainment room. Plumbing can go anywhere, but it might be more comfortable and more cost-effective to plan to put it in specific locations.

Think About Use and Furniture Placement

Once the basic layout has been considered, and large appliances or other features have been decided, it’s time to think about how the basement will be used. If there will be an office, a home gym space, and entertainment space, or any other type of space in the basement, think about where it will be placed and how the furniture will be arranged. Make sure everything is going to fit well in the area and that there is a way to get to each part of the basement efficiently.

Consider the Lighting and Electrical

Even with larger windows, basements tend to be gloomy because there isn’t much natural light getting in, so lighting needs to be considered. During the basement finishing, it is the best time to think about lighting because more can be added at this point. The same goes for electrical outlets, plumbing for a bathroom or a home bar, and other desired features in the basement. Think about what might be needed to ensure it’s installation from the beginning. If there’s going to be an entertainment space, for instance, make sure there are plenty of electrical outlets planned for the room. So more don’t need to be added later.

Make Sure Layout is Flexible


The floorplan for the basement should match what’s needed right now, but it’s still important to consider the long term as well. When creating a floorplan, think about the potential resale value of the home and whether new owners would want the same things in their basement. It may be a good idea to make some rooms in the basement more flexible, so their purpose can be changed later or so if the home is sold a buyer can do what they want with it.


Every aspect of the basement should be carefully taken into consideration when doing a floorplan. If you’re working on creating the perfect floorplan, work with basement finishing professionals so you can ensure the plan includes everything you need now and what you might need in the future. They’ll help you come up with a floorplan you’re going to love.

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