Basement Renovation Ideas- Making The Most Out Of Your Basement

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So you have finally decided to tackle your basement renovation. While a Calgary basement renovations company will have some ideas about what is or is not feasible, the design of your new basement should be dictated by its primary purpose in your life. Here are some basement renovation ideas to make the most of your space.


Are you a 12th level halfling healer, or a crack shot on the post apocalyptic wasteland of a distant planet? Maybe you’re the person who hoards all the ore making it impossible for anyone to expand their territory, whatever your gaming taste there is no doubt that the living room or kitchen table are sufficient, but hardly ideal. Whether you’re knocking over your grandmother’s heirloom figurines with your wild mario kart reenactments elbowings or losing dice to the dark void under the refrigerator it is pretty obvious that these spaces are designed for other activities.

Monopoly Game in Basement

Talk to a basement renovation specialist and that can make a space that is actually designed to accommodate your entertainment evenings. Surround sound and dimmer switches wired in to pot lighting will certainly make the explosions of a nearby grenades a significantly more immersive experience, upping your awareness much to your teammates delight (and your enemies chagrin.) If you’re more of a traditionalist with tabletop games talk to your basement reno could include shelving options for all your cards, boards, chips, tiles, boxes, and dice. Never suffer the glaring irritation of buttons or paperclips mismatching the aesthetics of your tabletop world.

If this all seems like childsplay because what are games without proper stakes? You could renovate you concrete box in to an elegant billiards room or prohibition era high-rollers haven. A built-in bar, custom displays, and practical storage options will make your tiny piece of monte carlos worthy of a visit from 007 himself. A Basement Renovation specialist can build you a space with nothing to interfere with your hustler style trick-shots and carefully placed reflective surfaces to avoid revealing your hand to unscrupulous opponents.

Whatever your taste in gameplay may be Alliance Renovations will have exactly what you need to let the games begin.


Whether you’re a professional with theatre Calgary, or an ameture belting it out to a karaoke track there is no doubt that performance space is hard to come by. It can be pricey, inflexible, and needs to be booked unreasonably far in advance. Poetry slams in cafes and bars might have worked in the Belle Epoque but nowadays they are likely to be overrun with drunken frat boys or chatty instagram socialites there for the free wifi, not exactly the audience you are looking for. Every artist needs to hone their craft and a neighbour pounding on the wall is hardly a helpful form of critique.

Man Holding Mike for Performance

Why not contact a Calgary basement renovations company to make full use of the open floorplan and sound-dampening qualities of your unfinished basement. Build a black box performance space with soundproofing insulation, electric outlets to accommodate your lighting needs and flexible stage and seating options that can be manipulated to suit every performance. Master your blocking, sharpen your choreography, or perfect the pauses for your next audition monologue.


Let’s face it, we all need to exercise but going to the gym can be expensive, time-consuming, uncomfortable, and overall too inconvenient to stay motivated. Another basement renovation idea that might hold the key to your sustained fitness efforts, a Fitness Studio! Working with a Basement renovation contractor can build you a space that is appealing enough you’ll look forward to coming home and burning off the frustrations of the day. Divide your open floor plan to accommodate weights stations, install all the right flooring for a corner dojo or zumba dance floor, and leave all the room you need to condition your core strength and flexibility with some pilates and yoga. Workout without worrying about unwanted amorous advances, or uncomfortable judgement from the local gym bunnies and muscle-heads. Alliance Basement Renovations team can transform your bare basement in to a fitness space that will improve your everyday quality of life

Workout spot in Basement


But maybe a corner dojo isn’t quite enough, do you or your family practise martial arts? Or maybe you just have particularly energetic kids who like to wrestle and crash into each other at every opportunity. It’s all well and good to tell them to play outside but Calgary’s weather can make that an uncomfortable and/or messy proposition. When it’s raining in the summer or slushing the rest of the year outside might not be the best place to roll around unless mud tracks add to your personal decor. Instead consult a Calgary basement renovation specialist and turn your empty basement space in to a padded crashroom. Basement Renovators can advise how to properly install the hooks and supports to pad a room useful for everything from practicing slapshots, to mastering a tumble routine. Best of all? Your breakables are safe from the colliding energies of your amateur WWE fighters.

Man working out in Gym

If you’re somewhat more meticulous with your appearance you have probably noticed how quickly one can run out of bathroom space. Between palettes, bushes, bottles, and tools there is barely space for the sink, and unless your bathroom was designed by a makeup artist the light is likely tinted or shadowed in ways that could not be more different from the natural light of day. Bring in a renovation company and they can set up your space to let you look your best. Install a walk-in closet so you can keep your quality clothing in pristine condition avoiding unseemly wrinkles and folds from extended time in cramped spaces. Next build custom storage options suitable for all the palettes and pots that hold the high quality pigments you use to create your makeup masterpieces every morning. No more losing your favourite lipstick to the bottom of a bag only to find it after it has expired. Finally install the proper lighting and outlets around the mirrors and vanities you have always wanted wanted. Your heating tools will never need to be tangled again when you have them neatly stored, ready for your latest styling inspirations. Alliance Renovations will know exactly how to build a space to showcase your most stylish self to the world.

Makeup kit Shattered on Floor

If you are ready to start your Basement Renovation or have are looking for more basement renovation ideas, contact Alliance Renovations for a free consultation at (403) 228-2000 or on fill in our contact us form.

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