Preparing for your Basement Development

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You’ve decided to finish your basement. Now what? There are a few things to consider before calling Alliance Renovations to come and build the basement of your dreams.

1. Plan Ahead.

The first thing to consider is what you want your finished basement to be used for. Basement development companies can transform your space into whatever you have in mind but it helps to have a plan. You may need to consider things like the height of the ceiling, whether or not you plan to add in a downstairs bathroom, and the type of lighting you need or want. Basement development Calgary specialists can help you make some of these important decisions when they know what you want the finished product to look like.

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2. Footloose and Flood Free.

One of the biggest obstacles for basements is the potential for flooding. The last thing you want is a newly finished basement to be ruined by preventable water damage. Cracks in the foundation of your home are one thing to look out for as well as making sure your in-home plumbing is secure and up to standard. Take the time to properly inspect all possible cracks and leaks. You may not even have to go inside to look for potential flooding hazards. If there are often pools of water along the sides of your house when it rains, it may be an issue of landscaping or resituating drain pipes. Basement development companies will know what to look for when they come to perform a quote but it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time.

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3. Electric Outlets.

Making sure you have enough electrical outlets mostly depends on what your plan is. Home entertainment systems, basement offices and crafting rooms will likely require more than the average number of outlets. You may also want to consider how many things you plan to plug in where. You don’t want to blow a breaker every time you’re watching a Blu-ray disc on the big screen T.V. with surround sound and the theatre style popcorn maker running in the background. On the other hand, billiards rooms, storage spaces, and kids play areas may not require any additional outlets. When you call Alliance Renovations to come finish your basement, make sure you let them know what your electrical outlet needs are and how they can be met efficiently and effectively.

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4. Permit Planning.

Basement renovations and developments require the proper documentation and permit based on the zoning laws in your city and the extent of your renovations. Acquiring the proper permit is especially important if you plan to turn your basement into a suite for renting. Knowing which permits you need can be stressful and confusing so it may be useful to look into basement renovation companies that take care of the permit for you. Companies like Alliance Renovations include the cost of the permit in their initial quote so there aren’t any surprises or extra hidden fees to worry about.

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5. Financial Preparedness.

Basement development can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. Depending on the basement development company that you choose, you may find that finishing your basement is a project you’ll have to put on hold. Thankfully, Alliance Renovations – a Calgary based basement renovation company has a number of options to make sure your basement development project remains affordable and cost effective. When renovating or finishing your basement, look for basement development companies that offer sales, promotions, or financing options so that your dream basement is never out of reach.

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Ready for to make your basement renovation a reality, then get ready for your basement renovation and contact Alliance for a free consultation. We also have monthly promotions so make sure to check those out as well.

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