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Basement Development Ideas- Making The Most Out Of The Space

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Basement

So you have finally decided to finish your basement and are looking for basement development ideas to make the cold concrete box under the stairs in to something a bit more liveable? While Calgary basement development companies will have some ideas about what is or is not feasible the design of your finished basement should be dictated by its primary purpose in your life. With life being as chaotic and busy as it is there is a good chance you will want your finished basement to be somewhat of a rejuvenating space. There is no better way to rejuvenate than to support a passion, so here are 5 basement development ideas that support the you that exists outside of survival mode.

1. Music Studio:

Do you play the piano? Maybe you like to remix classics into something new and creative? Perhaps you like to belt show tunes from your favourite musical? Or maybe you’re more of a drummer? While music may be your passion your neighbours do not always share your enthusiasm. A basement development company will know how to properly set up a rehearsal space so you can rock and roll to your heart’s content.

Professional Piano in Basement

2. Art Studio:

Another basement development idea to make your basement more than just another room in your house, Art Studio! You do not need to be the next Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, or Bob Ross to enjoy the many art mediums humans explore. Whether you’re recreating a burnished sunset in oils, or spinning vessels out of clay there is no denying that art is messy. Calgary basement developers can tailor your basement to your creative needs. Do you need flooring that can easily be cleaned? Perhaps specialized storage for canvases left to dry? Unique shelving to display sculptures? Give your art the space it deserves and stoke your creativity.

Art Studio in Basement

3. Yoga Studio:

Life is full of chaos so carve out a bit of space to re-centre yourself. You do not need to be a cirque-de-soleil acrobat to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Yoga is an excellent way to engage in mindfulness practice, a promising form of meditation known to help with focus, stress, and overall health. Studies show more and more the importance of meditation to be in the same realm as diet, exercise, and sleep hygiene. Yoga can also help keep the body strong and flexible to avoid injuries from icy falls in Calgary’s mercurial winter months. If you are keen to dig a little deeper and reconnect with yourself this basement development idea is for you. Let your finished basement reflect and encourage this positive self-awareness.

Workout spot in Basement

4. Dance Studio:

Do you like to swing, salsa, or two-step to a catchy rhythm with a dance partner? Perhaps you enjoy recreating your favourite scenes of Swan Lake? Or maybe you want to move the latest hip-hop to impress in the clubs. Whatever your style a dance studio gives you the privacy to practice until you get it just right; whether that’s a perfectly balanced head spin or the areal from Dirty Dancing, Calgary basement developers will know how to install whatever you need to make your nights on the dance floor events worth remembering.

Dance Studio in Basement

5. Craft Room:

Glitter may be the herpes of the craft world but it’s always wise to at least TRY to contain it. Crafting is deeply therapeutic stimulating positive feelings of pride in one’s one creativity by transforming raw material in to art. Any craft from scrapbooking to woodworking requires specialized tools and supplies. Keeping all of this organized without a dedicated space is cumbersome and stifles creative opportunities. Take the time to share your passion with the people responsible for finishing your basement and explain exactly what your needs are. Do you need a lot of surface area for working, or is efficient use of storage space more of a priority? Either way a finished basement can be an excellent haven to build your creative skills.

Crafting stuff in Shelves

If you are ready to start your Basement Development or have are looking for more basement development ideas, contact Alliance Renovations for a free consultation at (403) 228-2000 or on fill in our contact us form.

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