Basement Development Cost, What to Expect and What is Included?

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Basement

So you have decided to finish your basement and enjoy all the benefits of the flexible space. But how much does a Calgary basement development cost? Are the prices wildly different from basement to basement? What do the costs cover?

The basement development cost in Calgary are of course dictated first by the size of your basement. There are three price categories most basements will fall in to.

1. $18.9k-$28k (300 – 500 ft²)
2. $28k-$38k (500 – 700 ft²)
3. $38k-$48k (700 – 900 ft²)

This is just a general estimation of a basement development cost in Calgary, depending on your needs and taste the costs may run higher or lower to cover the unique labour and materials required for your personalized basement project. So what is included in a standard package for basement development?

1. Framing:

Basement development in Calgary will include the basic framing; this means the framing for one bedroom, closets, the mechanical room, and bulkheads.

2. Electrical:

Basement developers in Calgary will install tamper-proof receptacles, and light switches all of which will be up to current Alberta building code standards.

3. Cable and Internet:

Cable and internet connection points will be wired in to the main room and bedroom(s). If you wish to have your media hardwired in to other rooms be sure to specify this with your Calgary basement developer.

4. Smoke and CO2 Detectors:

Your safety is always the top priority. All safety detectors will be functional, tested, and meet Alberta building code standards.

5. Lighting:

Lighting is generally determined based on a pre-agreed allowance. Pot lights are quite popular and can occasionally be included in special promotions for basement development in Calgary.

6. Drywall:

Calgary basement developers will complete all exterior walls including the stairs, exterior bedroom and bathroom walls.

7. Stipple Ceiling:

This is the standard installation however it is not the only option, if you have specific ideas (anything from wooden boards, to plaster sculpting be sure to discuss it with your Calgary basement developer so they can building you

8. Paint:

Basement development in Calgary covers three coats of paint with a pre-agreed paint that meets builder quality standards without exceeding your budget.

9. Flooring:

While you do have a host of flooring option standard packages for basement development in Calgary include a choice of standard carpets with 8 lb underlay.

10. Closet Doors:

The closet doors installed will be dictated by the space available in your bedroom. Standard instillations generally include hollow core doors but if you discuss the cost with your Calgary basement developer beforehand other options such as glass or bi-fold doors can be installed.

11. Hardware:

Consistency is key for flowing aesthetics so basement developers will do their best to match to the hardware in the rest of your home.

12. Baseboards / Casings:

Basement developers in Calgary will generally do their best to match the baseboards and casings found in the rest of your home. However if this is not possible you can expect a choice of 4’ baseboards and 3” casings.

13. Permits

This part of the basement  development journey can be the most tedious, and one of the benefits of using a professional developer for your project. Basement developers in Calgary are familiar with permit requirements and costs are provided in quote.

Although basement development cost can vary, these are simply standard package expectations and extras can always be added on. Basement development possibilities in Calgary are endless so talk to your developer and make your finished basement the space of your creative dreams.

If you are ready to start your Basement Development or have any more questions, contact Alliance Renovations for a free consultation at (403) 228-2000 or on fill in our contact us form.

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