6 Reasons To Finish Your Basement

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There are several reasons to finish a basement, a basement development can serve a variety of functions from storage to living space. Here are 6 reasons to call a Calgary basement developer to get the most out of your home and lower your stress levels.


Reason 1: Escape The Climate.

Chimney and Led on Wall

It’s no secret that Calgary has mercurial weather patterns, we get the extremes of summer heat and winter freezes. Finished basements are the perfect space for total climate control. Totally insulated they do not overheat in the summer and stay cozy in the winter. These spaces can be a god-sent to those who have difficulty sleeping in extreme temperatures.

If you are a collector of fine items such as antique books, cigars or aged wines a talk to a Calgary basement development company to set up the perfect space to preserve and maintain your particular treasures.



Reason 2: Kid Containment.

Toys placed on Brown Sheet

Children are a delight, but so are the trappings of your adult life and it can be difficult to enjoy both in the same space. Children’s toys can create a minefield of tripping hazards, energetic games lead to a symphony of ear splitting shrieks, and while you want to encourage their artistic creativity you would certainly prefer it if they did not use your antique furniture as a canvas.

Chaos and children go hand in hand and this is a universal truth for any healthy childhood. So you want to encourage their healthy play but not at the cost of your sanity  (one can only hear the theme song to Paw Patrol so many times) so how do you make it work? Don’t curb the healthy chaos, just contain it. Call a Calgary basement development company and tell them what you want to create the ultimate play space to fuel childhood imagination and encourage healthy growth. Install climbing handholds to create a bouldering wall to develop strength, balance, and coordination with carpets to soften any impromptu descents. Keep toys from tripping you up with built-in storage specifically built to contain the menagerie of plushies, or army of actions figures you currently find underfoot. Developed basements also dampen a great deal of sound so their screams of delight don’t need to give headache to you and your guests in the rest of your home.


Reason 3: Teenage Controlled Independent Space.

Boy Relaxing in BasementIt’s 12:00am, do you know where your child is? If you have a teenager the answer is not always yes. Swinging between social butterflies and brooding creatures of darkness, teenagers stumble in to all kinds of trouble and it can be hard to give them the space they want and still feel like you are keeping them safe. Call up a Calgary basement development company and turn that cold concrete space in to a teenage hangout haven. Basement developers can build up a space that will appeal to adolescent sensibilities so your teenager will WANT to stay home where you can keep an eye on the without hovering. Why loiter where they’re not wanted when there is a perfectly good media centre set up downstairs? You won’t need to wonder who your child is hanging out with or what they are up to with your finished basement as their home base.


Reason 4: Guest Space.

Lamp and vase on side table

We love our friends and family, and visits are particularly precious if they don’t live nearby. Living rooms are not the most comfortable accommodation for anyone, that space is built for socializing, there is no privacy or storage space so your guest is basically living on display for the duration of their visit. Work with a Calgary Basement developer and create a space that space to make your guests feel properly at home.

Guest rooms can also make a great temporary living space for adult children, exchange students, or family that need extra support in their day-to-day life.



Reason 5: Leisure Space.

Pool Table in Basement

Even people who do what they love for a living need some kind of release; yoga, art, video games, sewing, whatever it is that helps you unwind it is always ideal to have a space dedicated to it. A skilled basement development contractor can tailor your space to whatever you are passionate about. In to art? How about a basement with built-In drying surfaces or gallery displays. Passionate performer? How about a dance floor or soundproofed studio? Like to build things? How about custom storage built to keep your tools organized and accessible without crowding your workspace. Trying to keep that fitness resolution? A personal gym might be what you need to stay motivated. Trying to stay centred in a stressful work environment? Calgary basement builders can build a yoga or meditation space that will keep the distracting world at bay.


Reason 6: Organized Storage.

Organized Books in BasementOne of the most common uses for basements is storage, Christmas trees are nice to look at, but not in July! Unfortunately for most of us our storage spaces are little better than poorly labeled boxes haphazardly piled together on a cold concrete slab. This means every time you need something you are forced in to an intense game of giant jenga with a tower of boxes that could topple on to you at any moment. Alliance Renovations can end this problem forever with proper shelving built to suit your storage needs. No more archeological digs required every time you need to use your camping gear or want to decorate for a holiday. All your things can be easily accessible year-round, hassle-free.

Finished basement have so much to offer, call a Calgary basement finisher and use that space to it’s full potential.

If you have any more questions, contact Alliance Renovations for a free consultation at (403) 228-2000 or on fill in our contact us form.

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