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Winter can be quite magical: various holiday dinners, snow battles, frosted windows, and trees draped in white make the season beautiful to observe. Winter however is not all snow forts and skating rinks; Calgary winters are quite harsh, yo-yoing between deep freezes and slushy Chinooks. These extremes in temperature take their toll and can tally up to significant costs in the long run, but building your home a garage can save you from the stress caused by Calgary’s mercurial winter weather patterns. Here are 5 reasons to call up Calgary garage builders this snowy season.

Reason 1: Scrape-Free Mornings.

Calgary Garage builders Winter GarageScraping the frost from a vehicle is one of the more unpleasant aspects of vehicle ownership. Shifting heavy snow so you can chisel away the thick layer of ice fusing to your windshield is not an ideal start to the day. This annoyance can be is compounded by an inability to properly scrap away icy residue due to insufficient arm-reach or awkward gaps between truck cabs and covers. A garage built by qualified builders in Calgary can save your fingertips from frostbite every morning.



Reason 2: Idle-Free Environment.

With the price of fuel and concerns over carbon emissions, leaving a car to idle for warmth is not the most responsible of actions. It is tempting to let your vehicle run in order to avoid the discomfort of frigid leather seats or biting cold steering wheels. Vehicle exhaust releases CO2 in to the atmosphere, this exacerbates climate change and contributes to the degradation of air quality. A vehicle stored in the shelter of a garage never needs to waste fuel to warm up. So keep your money in your wallet and mother nature happy, Calgary garage builders know how to properly insulate even an unheated garage to make idle mornings a thing of the past.



Reason 3: Longer Vehicle Life.

Garage Builders Calgary Happy CarVehicle fluids thicken when temperatures drop making your vehicle run less efficiently, and shortening its lifespan. Vehicle batteries that are not plugged in frequently die during a cold snap. Calgary garage builders services are an investment to protect you from the high costs of automotive repairs.

If you’ve already done some remodeling before filling out any forms or requesting any paperwork, it’s ok! You can get it all done afterwards, but it will be more difficult. If your framing or electrical work is already behind drywall, for instance, you will be required to remove the drywall for inspection.

Reason 4: Prep-Free Visibility.

Garage Builders Calgary Winter Garage snow carUnpleasant as the task may be it needs to be done. It can be tempting to scrape a figurative peephole and drive on when you are pressed for time or desperate to warm your numbing digits. The windows may clear on the road with the heater cranked high, but drivers who move on the road without properly clearing their windows put everyone at risk. Parking in a garage means your car’s crucial points of visibility stay clear, so you can leave without 15 minutes of prepping your vehicle.



Reason 5: Better Insurance Rates.

Garage Builders Calgary Save Money

Insurance companies do not want to pay out for damage that can be avoided. Vandals and thieves are a concern but snowplow debris, branches weighed down with ice, skidding vehicles, slip-footed pedestrians, and street sand mixed with melting salts call cause significant damage to vehicles left outdoors. Many companies will offer better rates to drivers storing their vehicles in a garage because it offers significantly better security.

As these winter months hit, don’t miss out on the benefits that a garage can provide you. Avoid the winter chill and check out some of our Winter Garage Build work.

If you have any more questions, contact Alliance Renovations for a free consultation at (403) 228-2000 or on our contact us form.

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