5 Main Reasons to Renovate Your Garage This Summer

Garages are some of the most versatile spaces in every home that has one. They are also some of the least maintained and hardly ever utilized as well as they could be. It does not have to be that way, though. Consider these five great reasons to renovate your garage this summer:

Storage Room 

If you are like most people, looking for anything in your garage is like playing a very dangerous game of Jenga. There are boxes and totes all over the place- most of which you have no clue what is inside. If you move one thing, you risk the rest topping over and crushing you. Even worse, you might have boxes and totes inside your home that need to be put away in the garage but you have absolutely no space.

Summer is a great time to take care of this. For starters, your children are home from school, meaning they can help go through their belongings and give you a hand with the rest of it.

Once you have cleaned it out, you can have a yard sale or garage sale to get rid of those things you no longer want or need. You get a less cluttered garage and some extra cash. After it is cleaned out, you can renovate your garage to add storage space that will help you be more organized and find what you need.

Start with organizing space for your yard tools. Keeping them in one easily accessible location makes lawn care much simpler. If your kids play sports, have an area for them to drop their gear before they come into the house. Use a pegboard to make a hanging spot for your bicycles or power tools. By creating and designating a space for each thing in your garage, you might be surprised at how easily they start
staying in place.

Make a Study Space or Hang Out Zone 

School will be back in session in a few months, quickly bringing with it tons of studying and cramming for exams. It also means that- depending on the age of your children- you will have a bunch of kids wanting to hang out. While you want your kids to have friends, you probably are not a big fan of the noise that they can bring.

Summertime is a great time to consider renovating your garage and making it a study space or a teen hang out. If you do not have children, or you need the space more than they do, you can always turn it into your own home office. This gives you a place where you can truly concentrate and keep your work separate from home to some degree.

Extend Living Space

More often than not, we realize that our homes are simply not big enough for our loved ones. It might have been when you first bought it, but as your family changes, so do your needs.

There are other reasons you might need an extra bedroom. Maybe you are hosting Christmas for out of town guests. Perhaps you need a little more space from your inlaws when they come for a visit. It could be that your children can no longer share a room.

No matter the reasoning, renovating a garage is a great way to create an additional bedroom or guest room. And summer is a great time of year to do it so you are fully prepared for whatever the holidays might bring.

Workout Room 

If none of the previous projects have you motivated to hit your garage yet, maybe having a workout room will get you fired up. By filling your garage with exercise machines, yoga mats, punching bags, and more, you just might find yourself in the mood to exercise more than ever before.

Workout in the Basement Gym


Hobby Zone

Are you tired of sewing in your living room, crafting at your dining table, spilling acrylic paint on your carpet, or making a dusty mess in common areas? It does not matter if you are a painter, a woodworker, a dancer, a crafter, or you enjoy some other hobby, a garage can be the perfect place to express yourself. It can be:

  • An art studio- a place where you are free to paint and display your work
  • A woodworking shop where you sell your creations
  • A crafters corner with all of the beads, fabric, yarn, and more than you could need with a large table to spread out on
  • A dance studio with a wall full of mirrors, speakers, and plenty of room to move

Renovate your garage into a space that you can escape to and freely enjoy what you love.

Your garage can be renovated to serve your needs, no matter what those needs might be. Talk it over with your family to decide how the garage space can best be
used. Then, give us a call to discuss your project and get started.